Women work office jobs too, and we do it in heels with style

When I was growing up all I remember was my mom getting ready for work, the time she spent ironing her hair and doing her make up. Spending hours the night before carefully choosing her outfit for work the next day heels included…

She wore heels to work everyday and I remember thinking, this is what adult life is supposed to be like; you dress fancy everyday, you get a nice office, and you work hard. Now that I am an adult (kind of) and I work in an office, the dressing formal and wearing heels and all of that morning make up ritual falls on me every morning. What I have learned from it is, office clothing, is insanely expensive.

Stores will charge you $50 for a cute pair of paper bag pants and its hard for a young girl like me working in the corporate world because I want to look cute, for way less than fifty dollars per pair of pants.

So my hunt began for cute office clothing without breaking the bank and I am here to help out all fellow office women alike!

  1. Amazon – I thought really hard before listing them first because I didn’t want my readers to laugh at this post but honestly… I love them. I have the cutest paper bag pants from there for $20 dollars or less and they have tons of bodysuits and blouses. Read reviews before you buy and order accordingly and trust me they will be your new go to one stop shop. For those of you who don’t know what paper bag pants are, they’re the style now! Try it! (Those are paper bag pants below!)black-paperbag-trousers
  2. H&M – I know I know, you’re thinking no way too casual. Wrong, there are some great finds in this store that scream business woman of the year. You might have to do a little digging sometimes but honestly, blouses for under $12 bucks… I’ll dig all day thanks.
  3. ASOS – I love ASOS! They have so much for so little and makes me and my wallet very happy. Were in the generation of online shopping and ASOS was created for the polished and shopper savvy 20 something year old trying to make it in the business world.
  4. Fashion Nova – Now let me be clear, this website has a lot of party close so you must pay close attention before buying outfits for work. Somethings are see through and somethings are too short or too tight, so know your size and be careful. Once you really get into it and look you can really find some nice pieces for work.
  5. Stitch Fix – Stitch Fix is a website that allows you to fill in some information and then boom just like that you get some clothes and accessories and more extras appear at your front door once a month. Crazy Right!?! I know some of us love the idea of putting some clothes into an online shopping cart and there you go, spending money. Stitch Fix is great for the busy hard working lady who doesn’t have the time. It’s good quality clothing and a great way to save time on shopping.

Those are my top five places to spice up my office wardrobe every so often so that I don’t look like I have the same boring clothes on constantly revolving. Spicing things up is well worth the online credit card swiping, trust me!


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