That one time my family was kicked out of a South Florida Hotel forever…

Every June my family takes up residency in a local south Florida hotel for a weekend and since I can remember we have stayed in the same hotel every single year. That is up until last year when the hotel which shall not be named kicked us out permanently.

For eating pizza in their second lobby, which we do every year might I add.

Either way it’s there loss, did I mention my family is huge and we rent about twenty rooms for the weekend? Yea, it’s their loss.

So this summer it was find a new hotel or let tradition die and letting tradition die was simply NOT an option. So we were on the hunt from everywhere in the keys to up around Daytona we searched. It was hard. Trying to find a hotel that met all the many needs this needy family has.

We needed a hotel that wouldn’t charge for the 800 cars we take because people drive from work on Friday.

A hotel that had decently sized rooms so that we had space for all the kids to hang out in one room till 2 am and with a full kitchen for breakfast and alcohol convenience.

A hotel that would have room for my family of 40 something people to order pizza and all eat together one night.



We also needed a decent sized pool to house all of us and a hotel that didn’t mind that we might have some “Day visitors” that weren’t going to be staying the night.

As you can see the list can just go on and on, so we were stumped and the search continued as some places were to expensive and others didn’t meet all our needs. With June quickly approaching we had to pick something.

So it’s been decided and we’ve picked a hotel on Collins Ave, Sunny Isles beach but I have to say I’m a little skeptical about the change in venue for this years beach family stay-cation weekend.

Keep a look out on our Instagram for what hotel we’ll be at. @NikkisCosmos

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