Temptation Island: The latest guilty pleasure show

So my fiance and I have been hooked on this show called Temptation Island. It’s a show where four unmarried couples go to an island and the four guys live in one house with 15 single women and the girls go to another to live with 15 single men.


Yea I know, what on earth has reality TV come to. I have to say though that THE DRAMA IS REAL with this one.

Anyway we are addicted (don’t judge), and last weeks episode has brought us dangerously closer to the end of the season. Will all four couples make it out? I can tell you they won’t without watching the final episodes… it just wouldn’t be good television if they did, sad but true.

Now a days reality television isn’t like it was when we got Season 1 of Jersey Shore, a lot of it is scripted and that’s pretty disappointing to me so I have to say I am dying to see where temptation island ends for these couples because right now I can’t stalk them on Instagram to see if they have pictures of whoever they ended up with.

That would ruin the show!

If they posted it we would know who ended up with who and they probably had to keep all of that out of the media under contract until the show ended but I am curious to see if it’s real. Do these people actually have previous relationships with the people playing their significant other? Do they actually fall for people they have met on the island?


I am desperately waiting for the remaining episodes to see where we end up.

Will Karl & Nicole make it out?


Will Evan ever realize that he is garbage? Will Morgan ever realize that if Evan can do this to Kasey who he’s been with for so long then doing it to her will be even easier!?!





For those of you who didn’t follow this season, don’t worry season 2 was already picked up and therefore the drama will continue with four more lucky couples next season!


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