Your dog chewed what?!?

Let me start by saying this is not a sponsored post just a dog mom who was extremely satisfied with this product.

To all my fellow dog moms out there, who have a furry friend who loves to chew… Let me help you out.

Two words, Bark Box.

This year for Christmas I decided to get my little one year old beagle the gift that keeps on giving. Bark Box sends us a fun surprise every month and Phoebe is rolling in all the glory that is new toys and treats every month. Each month we get a themed box that has usually two toys and LOTS of doggy treats, from bones to smaller treats depending on your dog and their constant need to chew.


You read that right, the box is THEMED! From pirate themes to New York City summer theme’s it’s adorable and so fun for me as the dog mom to see what she got this month. We just got our March Bark Box which was Summer themed and it came with a rubber Popsicle and a rubber corn for max chewing. She also hasn’t broken one toy yet from Bark Box which I find amazing. I cannot tell you how many toys we went through that lasted her only a day or two and it would frustrate us beyond belief. Do you know what it is to find a toy in the store, be super excited that she’s going to be able to chew away at it only to find it completely destroyed the next morning…

I was going crazy!

My little Phoebe loves to chew; on blankets, chairs, shoes. Everything. Bark box has put my house back to normal. No more shoes torn up, no more chewing the couch or the pillows or my very nice and very expensive throw blankets and dog mom over here is living the life.

My favorite thing is they ask for feed back, after each box which means you can let them know what your pup loved and what they weren’t so fond of helping them hit the target each and every time you get a box.

If you’ve got a chewer at home I recommend it honestly it’s going to change your life!

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