So you’re a busy bee huh? Lets organize that

So you work full time, go to school full time, and have a boat load of at home responsibilities. Join the club.

Since I was twenty one I have been working a full time job at a law firm, slowly making my way up all while attending collage online (some semesters full time, some part time) and I’ve got to say its no joke. Plus throwing in laundry, keeping the house clean, cooking, and two needy pets that require time, love and most importantly food and walks. It’s a full plate for me right now and I know I have a ton of readers who feel the same way.

Let me tell you, you are not alone. I can’t imagine tossing full time mom into that mix and that’s exactly how I know kids are not in the cards for the near future, maybe in a few years.

Juggling so many things is exhausting and at times can take such a toll on your life and your happiness so I have made a list of six pointers to help you balance a little better without going completely insane.

  1. Plan your time. If you work an 8:30-5 job you know those hours are for work, go get yourself a cute organizer and set aside time for school, the gym, house chores and anything else you feel needs to be fit into your week so that you know where your time is being spent don’t just go with the flow. Not when you’re this busy.915atCQd0OL._SR500,500_
  2. Learn to Delegate. If you have the opportunity at work to have your assistant help you or if you have a significant other at home to share the load with, share it. Don’t feel ashamed they are there to help you so pass on some of the load.
  3. Go to the Gym. I know a lot of us hate working out and dedicating time to the gym when you already have so much to do feels impossible but the gym is actually an amazing stress reliever and getting that relief is just as important as getting things done. People running on a treadmill in health club.
  4. Treat yourself. I know it sounds insane but this is so important. Two hours every two weeks for a Mani/Pedi or a massage will not kill you I promise and it will make you feel a lot more calm and ready to take on whatever you have next.
  5. Never take on more than you can handle but always challenge yourself. Know your limits is all I mean don’t over extend yourself to the point that you cannot find time to get things done but always know when you have to much free time, taking on a hobby or even reading a book can help you challenge yourself if you get some down time.
  6. Notification Reminders. I cannot tell you how much I love setting notifications for reminders, it is probably the most effective thing I do. Whether its on your computer that you use daily or your Iphone or android (for all my non Iphone users get an Iphone, it’s time) alarms and reminders are the most AMAZING thing. I usually like to set the reminder for the day before to that I am always up to speed.

There are so many more ways that you can continue to organize your busy life these are just a few to get you started that way you can get your self some free time and maybe a little less crazy stressful days.

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