Did she say FIANCE?

This is a quick one but I just had to talk about it and we might get a little sappy, sorry. I know some of your red flags went up when you read the word fiance in one of my past post and the answer is no you didn’t lose your mind. You read that correctly and yes I am engaged.

I know.

Me… Engaged… It’s, well it’s unexpected right? Who saw the two week bail period girl getting married? I will tell you that the two week bail period girl did not see this coming. I mean when we started dating sure it was great I mean he had been one of my best friends for such a long time it was easy to just fall into it but it was so much more than that.


We were happy and comfortable and honestly, just falling fast. When we made the choice to move in together it was probably the easiest choice I’ve ever made. We knew so much about each other already and we were so comfortable that it just felt right, even so early into the relationship. The crazy thing is that things just made sense which was never the case for me. I sucked at relationships, I was probably the only person in my friend group who could not for the life of me sustain a genuinely real relationship and yet here I am.

The minute he proposed there wasn’t even a question. I knew the right answer, it wasn’t even a question to think about and now I am getting married.

The two week bail period girl… Is engaged to be married and do you know what that means? It means that if she can gather her commitment issues long enough to wake up and realize what she has in front of her… To commit to MARRIAGE, then anyone can. It’s terrifying yea, but its also wonderful. I don’t talk about it to show it off (although the ring is HELLA nice) but to show my readers what can happen when you just open up yourself a little.

I challenge you to try it, falling in love. Meeting someone, who’s worth breaking your pattern for.

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