The Disney Cruise Hype

Ahoy! Get ready to sail away with Mickey & Minnie on this Disney Cruise Line Experience.

Last Month one of my best friends was married on Disney’s Private island Castaway Cay. Anyone who was attending the wedding only had one form of transportation, to take a Disney Cruise. Now I’ve done royal Caribbean and Carnival and I have been on both many times but never have I been on Disney so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to talk about it.

Everyone tells you it’s amazing and I mean it’s Disney so it’s not that crazy to believe. Disney’s known for making sure they keep everything in perfect shape and there is simply no reason that their cruise line or private island would be any different. So it’s easy to assume that I had high expectations going in.


Never is that a good thing, because if I’m expecting something phenomenal and I get something good… I’m going to be even more disappointed but never the less I went in with the ideal that it would be magical.

We’re going to start with the service, it was impeccable. Our waiters were great, the housekeeping staff goes above and beyond to learn your name and connect with you throughout the stay. Disney even left us popcorn and other goodies in a bag in our room as a gift on the last night of our stay which to me was a really nice final touch.

I will say no other cruise line has ever given me a gift, and I’m a good member with Carnival Cruise Lines, this was my first Disney Cruise and already I got gifts… I’m sold.

Secondly the food, it was always great at dinner but the day to day buffet doesn’t differ very much from any other cruise line. I did not try the Palo restaurant known for being more top notch but also at an extra charge. Although our married friends had dinner their on their wedding night and told me that it is a must try for our next Disney Cruise Line adventure so I recommend giving it a try at least once.

We did a cognac tasting which let me start with I don’t drink cognac regularly so taking down six shots of six different cognac’s was not an easy task for me but for $26.00 a person well worth the alcohol, the knowledge, and a decently priced way to get a buzz going. They also had different tastings but we signed up a tad too late and there wasn’t that many left.

The shows were phenomenal. I mean it’s Disney, if anyone knows what a quality show looks like it’s them but really the best performances that I have ever seen on a cruise. I love adult cruise comedy shows and I must say this was my biggest disappointment, Disney had none. My fiance and I were extremely unhappy with the lack of adult comedy shows but we’ll let it slide Disney because you had so much more to offer.

They have a whole 18+ section if you want to go on a cruise and get away from the kiddos and as an adult mostly group we really did enjoy ourselves. The private island also had an 18+ beach which we really liked also, you think Disney is only made for kids but boy is that not true.

As long as you’re okay with the no comedy thing, I recommend giving Disney Cruise Lines a real shot, it’s worth the extra money.

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