The Secret to Adulting

No one ever told me that adulting, was a lot of pretending. There are so many moments where I think to myself, wait am I actually allowed to be this much of an adult? I work a full time job, go to school, am in a steady long term relationship, have a nice little apartment, and two little pets to take care of. Sometimes I don’t think about it because it’s my everyday norm but then sometimes I sit back and think wow, I am actually an adult.


Who on earth thought this was allowed? I mean I have two pets who depend on me… It’s not like having a kid or anything but like, it kind of is. It’s a responsibility that I have to constantly make a priority and it’s crazy!

I guess most “adults” kind of feel like kids pretending to act like they have it all together when in reality this is a first for all of us. We have never done it before and we have no clue if we are doing it the right way, but we’re trying. Some people seem to really have it together but honestly, it’s all a charade!

We guess if were doing things the wrong way then some form of a sign would tell us. No one ever knows the right way to do something and if you think that doing something because it’s how your friends do it or how your parents did it way back when is the most ludicrous thing that you can ever say… No one knows how to do something so you really should do it however you see fit or however makes you happy. Maybe however you do it will be wrong, maybe it will be right but honestly it will be what it is.

I think that the secret to adulting is that there is absolutely no secret.

No one knows how the “right way” is, everyone is figuring out just as much as the last person. Maybe sometimes it’s extremely surprising that I am where I am in life currently and it makes you sit back and think about how fast time has gone. That sounds extremely corny! It has though, I’m twenty four years old and my life has completely changed and adapted over time and I love it but it also gives me a wow moment a lot.

I see old high school friends who are married, in the military, moving all over the country and I just think about how crazy it is that we all started in the same place and we have all grown down our own paths.

We’re all adulting, in our own way.


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