Carnival Weekend Cruises

We went on a carnival weekend getaway and I’m just going to review it for you all really quick.


So, Carnival “Fun ships” are known for being the most… affordable. It’s a way to hit the seas and enjoy your time on a fancy(ish) boat where food is included and maybe alcohol if you buy the drinking package. Carnival is definitely not a formal cruise ship… If you were using car brands Royal Caribbean would be like a Mercedes and Carnival is the Toyota… Still nice, still reliable, but just not quite as luxurious and fancy.

Which is great for young people trying to just have a nice vacation and relax from their lives of work or college but for families and couples might be less enjoyable. Carnival is known to be the party ship and it lives up to that name. Especially the weekend cruises leaving from Florida hitting just the Bahamas.

Those trips were solely made for the party scene in mind.


Aside from that I have no idea what else you would take a Carnival weekend cruise for… You’re either on the boat to party or you shouldn’t be on the boat whatsoever.

Personally I do not recommend it for a romantic getaway or a family trip, it might not be the most enjoyable option for that.

Now bachelorette parties, Yes Please! Thats what this weekend trip was made for!!

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