So I gave in, I started the Keto Diet

I have officially given in to the biggest Fad in America, heres why.

After a lot of conflicting reviews and talk on the Keto diet and it’s positive and negative I decided to give it a try.The Keto Diet is a high fat & protein diet that basically helps your body burn fat for energy instead of Carbohydrates. Who doesn’t like that idea huh?

I know a hand full of people doing the diet and the more I heard about it from friends who were 3-6 months in the more I decided eh. It’s worth a try.

Today is day one, so no I cannot tell you about my amazing results and how you should try this diet because I have no idea, if you should. I personally found how different this diet is from all the others intriguing so I decided, lets give this a try.

Going Keto has seemed to become a popular fad and I can see why, most reviews talk about people in Ketosis losing large amounts of weight in an almost record amount of time, so who wouldn’t want to give this a try.

What got me was the high amount of red meat & BACONNNN that you can eat, it was actually quite surprising to me. (But then again who says no to a diet where you get to have bacon? Not me!)

I plan to keep you guys updated through my journey in this an if it’s everything people are saying it is they I will give you my recommendation as well.

For now, I am excited to see how this one goes. If you want a list of the safe foods I attached an image below.



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