Making your rental apartment homey

Most of us rent, since the new generations need for change we tend to rent apartments and homes instead of purchasing homes. Since the baby boomer generation grew up generation X and the millennial generation both love the idea of a one year lease that ends with you moving on to a new place each time.

Sometimes it’s difficult to make a place you’re only living in for a year feel homey and comfortable, so I have gathered eight tips and tricks on how to feel right at home every time you come home, even though you have to up and leave in twelve months.


  1. First off don’t over decorate. – We have the habit of adding cute things over and over until the house is just well over crowded and theres nothing cute and homey about way to much stuff.
  2. Think Warm Colors – Browns, blacks, and gold is usually what I go with. The reason I say warm colors is because when I think of homey I think of light grey couch with black throw blankets and some nice throw pillows where I can lay on the couch and just relax. Honestly, just sounds like home.
  3. The walls are white, think of it as a fresh start – White walls could be a bit uninviting and dull. That is until you dress it up just a bit! Get some cute frames, a nice big clock and maybe even a nice Mirror to make the space feel bigger. Remember not to over decorate, no more than one think on each wall!
  4. Add some lamps – Sometimes house lights can be a tad harsh. They make it too bright and it just wont feel like home. Some decorative lamps with some subtle lighting will fix that right up.
  5. Plants! – I kill all living plants, I’m terrible at watering and knowing how much to water but there are some cute little fake plants that look the part. I suggest you get some if you’re looking for some green.
  6. Add some old school to it – I have a nice little record player that doubles as a bluetooth speaker. I love it! It adds a slight old school touch even though it’s modernly new looking.
  7. Add Storage – Most rentals lack storage space, use a bookshelf on its side in the closet on the floor. Fold your clothes and organize accordingly.
  8. Oh Bartender! – Bed, Bath, & Beyond has a cute little wooden bar cart with plenty of storage space for your drinks, your nice wine glasses, whatever you want!

Enjoy your new temporary home!

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