Mary Kay New TimeWise 3D Miracle Set

Have any of you heard of Mary Kay Cosmetics? Some probably have and some probably don’t know anything that isn’t sold in Sephora. Mary Kay is a cosmetic company that is only sold through their consultants. If you go on their website to order products they typically direct you to a consultant to assist you and there is no way to purchase product without either being a consultant or having one.

One of my dearest friends is a Mary Kay consultant about to make her director debut and so naturally, I let her facial me. Now a Mary Kay facial is not when they pick and poke at your face it’s more like you get to test out their products and if you like them you buy some. If you love the concept you can sign up under your consultant to be a Mary Kay Consultant yourself.


I know what a lot of you are thinking, Pyramid Scheme!

Actually it’s not. Mary Kay was a real person who created this company to allow women to run their own businesses while taking care of their children at home. If you work hard you can easily pass the consultant that brought you in and actually can make you, a lot of money.

My friend who is a current consultant is about to debut as a director which in Mary Kay world means she’s moving on up thanks to her hard work. Her income is completely based off her work ethic and has been steadily growing just like her team has. She long ago passed the Mary Kay consultant that brought her in; in fact I don’t even think that she is still an active Mary Kay consultant.

So who trains you to be a great sales consultant?

Normally it’s the person who brought you in, but when they fall out it goes to whoever is above them. In my friends case it is her NSD Dacia Wiegandt. Dacia was Mary Kay’s youngest to debut as an NSD and currently is only a Mary Kay Senior National and a full time Mom of three. Mary Kay has been her work and she has clearly been very successful with what she does.

Either way I let her facial me with their new Time wise Miracle 3D set which I loved and rumor has it that this took five years to create. The cleanser doesn’t just clean up your face from make up but you really feel the work done. Your face is dry, clean, and refreshed all in one wash it was kind of amazing to me really. Next was the Day cream which has SPF 30 which was great because for us fair skinned girls we don’t think about sunblock and protection on a regular bases. We all think about it on the way to the beach on a nice hot day but we forget that the sun hits us on regular days as well.

I didn’t get to try the night cream but I’m sure I would be just as much of a fan.

The age minimizing 3D eye cream was by far my favorite. We all want to age gracefully even us twenty year olds think about it and this cream is going to help with that. The wrinkles around the eyes are usually the first place to show stress and age. That’s what I love about this eye cream, anti aging is so important and without a healthy skin care routine you are not preparing your face for what life will throw at it.

Mary Kay is more than cute holiday sets and women offering free facials, its a company full of heart, beliefs and go getters.

The full set goes for $110.00 and its well work the cost but if you would prefer to save a little go sign up as a consultant and get everything at half price.

You can do both these things at the web link below, I suggest you do so before they run out!


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