Disney, for grown-ups?

So today, Monday June 11th is my one year anniversary and given that this is such a huge milestone for not just our relationship but myself, we decided to make it a big deal.

I booked us a room at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside from Friday – Sunday and Friday by 4:30 we were on the road heading up to Disney world. Now this isn’t a regular Magic Kingdom run around Disney Parks trip. This was an adult Disney trip.

I have heard of them, and I have friends and family who do them but I myself never have.

This means we did not go to any parks and we simply made Disney a romantic getaway more than a family tourist attraction.

After we checked into our room at the Port Orleans – Riverside we were going to head over to Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort, grabbed some snacks and headed out side to lie on a hammock while Magic Kingdom did their firework show but due to traffic we missed the fireworks. This would have been the perfect start to a Disney adult weekend, nice and quiet while we snuggled and snacked to the beautiful fireworks over the water.

Instead we headed to our room, switched into our pajamas and turned on the television for some cute Disney cartoons before bed and ordered some room service.

Saturday was the true testament for adult relaxation. We woke up, got ready and made our way to Saratoga Springs for our couples Massage. Now I did not tell him we were getting a couples massage so he was pleasantly surprised when we got to the spa. 50 minutes of pure relaxation later and we were just two new people entirely. Not to mention the complimentary champagne which was delicious.

It was absolutely amazing I highly recommend the spa at Saratoga Springs.

We spent the afternoon hanging out at the pool at Port Orleans – Riverside. After grabbing a couple drinks at the pool bar we headed back to the smaller pool by our room instead of the crowded main one for a more quiet atmosphere.

After some fun in the sun we headed back to our room to shower and get all dolled up for dinner at Citricos at The Grand Floridian Hotel.

Before we hit the restaurant the Celebration cake I ordered arrived to the room, a sweet happy anniversary surprise for my boyfriend in his favorite flavor.

We took a cute photo and then headed on to Citricos. Let me just say the restaurant although not as fancy as I had been told on the phone was delicious and the food was definitely worth giving a try. Once we were absolutely stuffed we went to go see Rent at the Walt Disney Theater at Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts. The show was wonderful and everything I hoped for especially being such a big fan of the movie, I would recommend it to anyone as they are currently touring for the 20th anniversary. The show ending as late as it did meant that we were just going to go back to the room  and have a nice piece of cake in bed.

The cake was probably one of the best vanilla cakes I have had in a long time. See I’m not a vanilla fan, die hard chocolate kind of girl but this cake wasn’t for me it was for him and well he likes vanilla. It was completely worth it, I would order it again.

Down to our last day of bliss here on Sunday we decided to have a lovely breakfast at Kona at the Polynesian Resort. I must say the coffee is worth the hype. The breakfast is inexpensive and completely worth it. Between the Eggs Benedict and the Banana french toast we were stuffed. So I took my coffee to go, no self respecting coffee addict waste coffee and I sure wasn’t going to.

Especially not coffee this good.

The weekend was ultimately extremely relaxing and a nice break from reality for a few days. We are already planning our next Disney Adult getaway.

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