One Year of something I never saw coming

In just two weeks my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary and while this may be a big milestone for our relationship it is an even bigger milestone for me as a person.

For all my longtime readers you know the two week bail period well. You know my rules on dating and you know how almost a year ago I gave all that up for a committed relationship. I have to admit I did not see myself getting this far. The romantic area of my life has never been one that I excelled in and in fact was one where the relationship was usually over before it began. I never got past two weeks with anyone; mostly I got bored, sometimes the guy was just a real piece of work, or I simply wasn’t interested. I can’t tell you why but this went on through most of my adolescent life and then trailed right on in to my adult life.

I figured that maybe the people just weren’t right for me or made excuses about how they were jerks or just really mind numbingly boring but as it turns our I just probably wasn’t ready to make a commitment like that in my life. I think that while most people have long term high school relationships and young adult relationships I was more focused on my experiences. Sure I had crushes here and there but never anything serious and I think I’m really happy it panned out this way.

I didn’t spend ages 15,16,17 crying over long term failed relationships, I spent it with friends and trying new things. I was busy skipping on senior skip day as a junior and going to parties. I think that I allowed myself to grow and figure out who I was as a person first which is marvelous. Now this doesn’t mean that I know everything about myself or that I have it all figured out I most certainly do not but, it does mean that I am very happy with who I am and with who I’m with.


I think every relationship starts out promising and grows happily until it doesn’t. I think that it is inevitable to go through some rough situations with guys before figuring out what you like and what you are looking for but I also think that knowing yourself is the most important thing in that equation.

Most young people find themselves in their significant others and then go soul searching at 24 when they’re single and far from who and where they wanted to be. I didn’t, and I’m not saying what I did is the right way but it was right for me.

So with my one year anniversary coming up I wanted to reflect on how I got here and who it’s made me. Plus I’m really excited for our weekend getaway.

To my single readers remember that your single memories will be there forever and you will cherish the nights with your girls and the times that you did anything and everything just crazy enough. They will always be a part of who you are so if you’re currently single and wishing you weren’t don’t stress that… Your time will come when it’s time. Maybe the next guy will be the one, maybe he won’t.

Just remember to enjoy this chapter no matter what chapter you’re in.

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