Memorial Day Rainy Challenge

Hey my cosmoholics! It’s Memorial Day weekend and in Miami that means a party, except with it’s pouring rain all weekend long.

I was extremely excited for a weekend of some serious fun, I’m talking pool, breach, photoshoots and just some GTL!

Do I have any Jersey Shore fans? Cause Jersday was yesterday… and I love jersday.

Anyway it’s been pouring rain for over a week here in the sunshine state and for many of us that means it’s not going to be the greatest weekend for Memorial Day.

I disagree, for one everyone’s off Monday. Days off are always something to celebrate and therefore your weekend should automatically be great. Secondly, who said you can’t play in the rain?

I plan on coming up with some great stuff to do over Memorial Day weekend and I want you, my readers, my cosmoholics, to do the same.

Then I want you to message me and tell me all about it. Then Tuesday I’ll write about the best was to spend a rainy holiday weekend!!

I challenge you to enjoy it!

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