Disney’s Annual Pass Membership

March 2018 my boyfriend and I became annual pass holders. My nephew and our godson were both turning one within a week of each other and this meant two trips to disney within a three week time span, both trips included multiple parks… So with great consideration we decided to just get the annual passes and see if the Disney Annual Pass was actually worth the cost.


Being that we were just starting out we went with the Silver Pass this includes all four parks with some block out dates, no photo memory maker and you get discount’s on all kinds of stuff. Our first time using the annual pass was a day trip with my brother to Epcot where we drank around the world, now mind you this was my first time being a pass holder, therefore forgetting that I now get all thee nice discounts and no, Disney won’t remind you at the register of participating stores as they should. This trip didn’t really make me feel any more special than anyone in that park… So why do I pay a monthly fee?

Next was my nephew’s first birthday where we kind of got the idea that if we wanted to enjoy any annual pass holder discounts we were going to have to inquire at every location ourselves and we did. I have to say the discount (when you remember to use it) is completely worth it. We were living like kings but we also weren’t getting to enjoy our hotel very much since we were hitting the parks every second.

Heres a small secret pleasure of mine, I love exploring hotels. It is one of my favorite things to do on a trip and we don’t get to do that too often when you’re hitting the disney parks everyday but I think this can be fixed with some better planning of our trip. The thing is that the Disney parks are amazing, they really do such a wonderful job of making the environment magical and in turn they make you feel like you are just a part of the disney magic.

What I have learned is that where people go wrong is that park of disney’s magic is their hotels. They are all made to make your experience just that much better, they all take you to a place where you feel like you are just relaxing in a fairytale.

Coming up in about a week we have out godsons first birthday trip which I think its going to be great but what I’m really excited for is our anniversary trip.


We will be staying at the Port Orleans – Riverside and we are not going to not one single park. Just me, him, and our disney hotel.

I think this is just a beginning to a beautiful friendship with our annual pass memberships, were actually considering upgrading to gold.

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