When it comes to growing up many people take many different routes. Some people think of getting a job, others think about college, and many think about building a family. Adulthood shouldn’t be a death sentence of a once rebellious youth where you lived freely and made mistakes. It should not mean that you hate your day to day life and long for the weekend where you can sit home and do nothing. If that is adulthood to you, then you are doing it wrong my friend.

Adulthood simply means growing into the person you plan to be for the rest of your life and running with that. Whether you are in college or working full time, developing a relationship or just being single. Adulthood runs in so many different forms because it is made to be personalized to you and life you plan to have for yourself. Everyone is different and to assume that you will grow and build the same life that everyone else will is a really bad assumption. This sometimes mean growing away from some of the people you thought you would never part with. Sometimes life kind of makes decisions for you that you have no absolute control over and it throws you for a spin you never expected.

My adulthood life is constantly surprising me and each time it’s better than what I had imagined for myself. Some times I wonder if my decisions have lead me to where I’m supposed to be or if it has taken me so insanely far away from that place, and how I would never really know for sure.

It is impossible to know that every choice you make is the right one and it is crazy to think that everything you do will benefit you or even others but that’s the thing about life. Everyday we are all growing and no one really knows what the end game is.

We have ideas and we have hopes and dreams but sometimes reality has other plans. I know that my reality a year and a half ago was insanely different and throughout the last year and a half my life has grown and adapted to the person I have become and it only gets better with time. I think we all fear the idea of growing up when we really should be embracing it. It should be exciting for us to see what we grow into within the next few years and not terrifying nor should we be afraid of the journey.


In about a month and a half I turn twenty four and I am constantly dreading the thought of getting older every year I normally never want to even think about the fact that I am going to be another year older and it makes me reconsider everything I’ve done to this point in my life but honestly I have done a great deal so far and to compare my life to someone else’s would be unfair because our journey’s are different.

I mean that’s the beauty of life isn’t it?

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