Sleeping on the city that never sleeps

One week in the middle of high rises and Loud sirens I️ sat and watched the day to day of the beautiful world that is Manhattan. They say New Yorkers live within their own bubble, well I️ must say this is a bubble I️ would like to be stuck in too. Waking up to the city that never sleeps is like emerging yourself into a world that is unlike any other.

A place that allows people to be who they are and find the one thing they love and turn that into their life’s work. The place where people come to be successful bloggers, writers, actors, and artist. The city of dreams and trust me, I’ve been dreaming. It’s difficult to come to the most magical place you’ve ever known only to leave. To go back to the airport and hop on a plane to somewhere much less glorious and exciting.

Coming to manhattan to me means possibilities, I️t means the opportunity to grow in an environment of endless chances.

This past December I took a trip with my boyfriend to manhattan in which he fell in love with the city almost as much as I️ have been all these years. Our first day walking the streets he turned to me and said, “let’s move here.”

I️ must say my heart melted. He knew my dream to move to a place that felt so much like home to me with no effort at all. The city had no family of mine and not many memories of my life but yet I️t managed to always make me feel more at home than anywhere else ever had. The thought of packing up your life and heading thousands of miles away should terrify a person, but not to me.

Apparently not to him either.

Manhattan for some reason had always stayed close to my heart and for many of my readers you remember me talking about this before. It has always been the end goal, living in New York and thriving in a city where so many grow and yet so many don’t make it.

That was when we decided that maybe this topic should be more than just a theory and had the conversation, about one day moving to a city where the possibilities were endless.

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