The Cosmos are back

Hey Cosmo drinkers, I know I know… I abandoned you.

Let’s talk about what’s going on in my life lately. So I got my own apartment with my boyfriend.

Yay for adulting… It’s a nice one bedroom and as much as I love living with him I do not love the bills… There are so many bills to pay when you become an adult. We also got a beagle puppy she’s three months old and an absolutely adorable terror to our lives on a daily basis. I adore her don’t get me wrong but potty training a beagle is like trying to hate a cosmopolitan drink.

It’s impossible to say the least and we basically revolve our world around her and her uncontrollable bladder.

Lastly we became Disney world annual pass holders today. Now this is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time and hadn’t because well that cost money and like I said we’ve had a lot going on but we did it. Our nephew and godson’s upcoming Disney birthdays are what kind of drove us to the purchase and I must say as a twenty three year old… I am super excited.

I’m not super Mickey and Minnie obsessed and no our house isn’t covered in Disney décor but we are theme park fans and we are Disney park fans…

Plus if you don’t like Disney are you really even human?

I promise to try and keep my post slightly more regular and give you all a fun read. Thanks for sticking around during my absence.

Nikki Cosmos is back and this time…

She’s got Disney Annual passes. Haha made myself laugh.

Bye for now guys!

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