It’s always the best friend

So I’m in a committed relationship. I know I know, me? Of all people in the world has committed to someone. It’s kind of shocking and sometimes I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop just because we all know my luck with relationships is mediocre at best but so far I seem to be kind of lucky.

He was one of my best friends for two years and actually if you scroll down to older blogs some were written about him.

When we met I was interested and he turned me away due to the fact that he was afraid that our friends wouldn’t be the most supportive. You know changing a friend group dynamic with relationships anywhere but in the FRIENDS tv show doesn’t seem to go so smoothly. So he turned me down, we moved on, and then stayed friends.

Well two years later he realized I’m one in a million and he was lucky as hell to have me and he gave it all he had till I agreed to try for real. Haha… no but really.

So we began that whole “talking stage” and sure enough we became official and committed and I’m genuinely really happy. I don’t know what our future holds I don’t know if we’ll make it past next week, but he beat the two week bail period and made it to officially committed, he opened doors for me that have felt slammed shut for a long time and for that I am grateful.

Some friends pulled away in the process, some were really happy to see me grow as a person and in the end it’s all about developing yourself as a person and growing with and around the people who grow with you.

Being together has changed us both and forced us both to grow as people individually as well as together and this is definitely a journey I’m excited to experience.

We definitely not just messing around. I’ll keep you posted, who knows… maybe we’ll work out, all I know is I’m happy.

Till next time

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