The one thing I’ve always thought was that you grow up to meet a man who loves you with all his heart and you treat him like a king and he treats you like a queen and you both live happily ever after…

I always thought that happy endings were real and we found our own versions of fairy tales.

Through age and time I’ve decided this isn’t the case. I grew up in a society where people cheat everyday, people get divorced everyday, and being faithful is only something we read about in books. The thought of a man loving you and only you is completely lost on the generation of young adults today, myself included. People change relationship status faster than they change clothes and no one has any regard for their actions and how they impact the people around them.

I won’t say I am guilt free, I am not. I have gone through my fair share of mistakes but I always thought that the end result would be me and someone else finding love in each other and spending our lives together. I thought that after all the bullshit that is high school and even a bit of the mess that is college I would grow up and settle into an adult life that was for the most part happy and maybe just a bit predicable with the occasional adventure and excitement.

The more I grow into someone who is now kind of forming into a full fledge adult the more I see the error in my thoughts. People make mistakes, but the things I have seen and the things I now know are mistakes that I cannot fathom having to forgive someday.

I love the concept of having a happy and fulfilling relationship with someone and it growing into a happy marriage and family but I have seen so many families derail and I have also seen so many husbands, boyfriends, significant others, who just do not care to be faithful. The thought I once had about the way people treat and respect relationships has been completely altered and I don’t see how someone would be able to change it back.

People cheat everyday, people get divorced everyday, and that is just the way it is. In fact I read today that 56 % of people who cheat say they are happy in their marriages. So evidently a happy marriage doesn’t equal a faithful husband. That sentence right there makes me feel confident enough in saying that I think I might completely reconsider ever wanting a serious relationship at all…

I think there once was a time where it was true. Marriage meant something and people were faithful to their partners, there once was a time when you fell in love with one other person and that was it for life but I think that time has passed.

I think monogamy has become old fashion and I think that no matter what most relationships will just result in let downs. Maybe 60 years ago I would have been right, I would have met a man and fallen in love and been able to trust that it would be enough…

But not anymore.

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