It’s February so I had to post about Valentine’s Day

I can feel valentine’s day approaching and it’s making me itch for someone to show up at my office with a dozen roses and a giant teddy bear. Sometimes we women crave attention, and by sometimes I mean all the time. We’re needy, I know I am and I’m not denying that I am needy. I own it, I love it. But sometimes, I can’t satisfy it.

Sometimes we need someone who goes out of their way just to let you know that you’ve been on their mind and that they honestly can’t stop thinking about you. Live I’ve said before when it comes to relationships I’m not one to crave it and frankly I don’t ever really feel lonely or in need of one.

The attention that someone gives you in a relationship well, I am only human and a female at that, so saying I didn’t crave that would be a lie. We all want to be wooed. We all want someone to follow through on some large romantic gesture and make us feel like he is dead set on making something here work. That of course hardly ever exist anymore and it’s a shame to come to terms with the reality that is the world we live in.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free is what my dad always said and if you’re not giving the milk for free there is another cow out there that is. It’s sad to think that maybe happy endings are slightly over rated and unrealistic. Maybe people don’t find their best friend and their lover in one person and maybe the concept of finding someone who could make you happy and be dedicated to you and also manage to be your best friend is naive but I believe in hope and love even with my two week bail period.


Maybe it doesn’t happen often and hell maybe it won’t happen for me but I believe that it does happen. Some people get lucky, I know a few, not every relationship I see makes me believe but the ones that do are the ones that give me hope.

So to the legitimately happy couples, happy valentine’s day you’ve earned a day to celebrate your love and happiness. To the people in toxic relationships end that shit. It isn’t worth it I promise. Finally to the singles on valentine’s day, enjoy being single while you are, because one day you’ll either be one of the happy ones, or one of the toxic ones and I hope for you all that it’s not the second one.


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