2017 a new year, for a few new beginnings

I grew a lot as a person in 2016. At the end of 2015 I got a job with a law firm that I currently still work for today, I have been promoted and raised in salary. I found a field and a group of people that I really enjoy spending about 40 hours a week with. I started a new schooling venture with UM Paralegal School, I found confidence in one of the most random places you could every think to bring you confidence. I rekindled with friends from high school and made new friends with new people. In all just had a lot of fun in ways I never thought about before.


I cannot say many bad things about my development as a person in 2016. Of course in a year you are going to have your negatives and you will have down falls but in the end I think I found a little more of whom I am and where I want to head going into 2017. Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions and bucket list and tries to stick to them and most of the time they fail but I think that trying is worth something. I want to double my experiences in 2017; I want to find myself just a little bit more than I did the year before.

Making every year stand for a significant time in our life is what makes them worth it after all. No one wants to repeat the same thing over and over every year, never growing or progressing. I refused to be someone who was ever satisfied and maybe I have high school color guard to blame for that.

“I am pleased but not satisfied.” Is what our director would say after every good performance, after every win the man was never satisfied, but that’s how we placed so highly at states, how we became one of the first bands to make it to finals on their first try at BOA, how we took 9th in the county that year and how our color guard took 2nd at the World Championships. Because he wasn’t satisfied till our young new band and guard that had only been around for three years or so was at the top and till we walked around and everyone knew our name.

hqdefault.jpg (2011 BOA Atlanta, GA Georgia Dome)

So as pleased as I am with my life right now, I am not satisfied and I think that is what will help me continue to grow and push for adventure and new experiences and to find our just a little more about the person that I am and the person I want to be.

It starts a lot with your work ethic and the way you push yourself to achieve your goals but it also has a lot to do with the people around you and how they push themselves to achieve their goals. If they always want to be lazy, the lazy is contagious and it can rope you in faster than you may think. Watching your back is something you will always have to do in life, some “friends” aren’t always friends and sometimes you’re just better off without people. Know who will always stand up for you and who never really was a friend. 

Go out, live life, forget people, be the best. Work hard during the day and enjoy your nights because success and happiness isn’t just hard work but fun play time as well.

2016 although it had its flaws it helped me move into a new phase of my life and I think that is a great accomplishment in its own. I am so excited to share with you all the adventures I have in 2017, enjoy what’s left of 2016 guys and have a happy New Year!


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