Be better than the two week bail period

I love being independent. My favorite thing in the world is that my lifestyle doesn’t depend on a guy but, that doesn’t mean that a girl doesn’t crave a little romance from time to time. Why shouldn’t you be able to have both? I am a woman who works, supports herself and doesn’t need a guy for financial stability, but… For emotional and romance reasons, well yes a guy is needed.

Sometimes we like to think were such hard asses that we don’t need to be swept off our feet and I am incredibly guilty of this. I treat guys the way they treat women, disposable and honestly a good amount of them are but, in reality I want what every girl wants when it comes to her romantic future.

A happy relationship that grows into a happy marriage and children, is that so awful? No I don’t think so.

This time of year always makes me reconsider my hard ass 2 week bail period ways and no it’s not because my family is constantly asking about my novio. It’s because this is time, memories, which I would love to be sharing with someone, instead I’m not. At twenty two it’s okay, I’m not in need of a relationship, not in the slightest, but one day I’ll be twenty five, and then twenty seven and eventually I’ll be forty living off a two week bail period and that isn’t what I want for my future.

I want a guy who is going to fight for whatever it is that we have, can have, or will have. Maybe that’s absurd because in the end most women end up with a man who isn’t half the husband or father to their children that they deserve but in a case like that I rather be alone. I rather never fall in love than to settle for less than what I know I am worth.

You give your all, and I give mine. That is how I think I should be and maybe I got some insane standard from some 80’s love movie but I don’t care because if Katarina Stratford could find Patrick Verona in 10 things I hate about you then there truly is someone out there for everyone. Yes I am aware this is a 90’s movie but still. If a guy like Patrick Verona can go that far for a girl, any guy can.

My point is that some guys forgot how incredible it is to be the kind of man a girl deserves to have in her life and they find such victory in making a woman a conquest that they lose the interest the minute she’s been won over. She becomes a dusty trophy in his trophy case and he moves on to the next battle. There’s no real connection in that and I should know, I have treated a lot of guys the same way.

Like a battle to be won and once it was, I was bored. It’s sad and I want more than it. I want to be better than it and to have more than a two week entertainment. Maybe it’s absurd because in today’s time guys give no effort and expect endless amounts of love and compassion in return. But I’ve learned my worth, and I refuse to be just another conquest.

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