Hitting the pole, Not literally, well kind of…

You’ve all read about my Magic Mike experiences and maybe it’s been a while since I’ve talked about the club or the guys but that’s just too much unstable drama for one girl’s blog to handle. So we’ll just leave out all those messy details.

But yes I still talk to a few and no I am not dating a stripper although I can say some have tried and really who would mind coming home to a man who looks like that every night… Just saying. But in reality who wants to go watch their boyfriend get grabbed and touched by a bunch of horny women who isn’t you…

Especially being Hispanic and insanely jealous, not me.  But I can’t say I don’t get caught up in it from time to time. Ladies, don’t become friends with the dancers, then they actually want to date you and well then you end up in my life… which is just one giant LOL all of the time. Anyway, point of this article.

I decided to hit the pole myself…

Okay no I’m not becoming a stripper or taking my clothes off for money or anything like that at all but I did take a pole dancing class and let me tell you credit where its due ladies that shit is hard. By far the most intense muscle work out I have ever done in my life, and also so much fun I’m going back next Wednesday.

I had heard so many good things about pole dancing classes, how they kick you right into shape and how you not only get to have fun but it helps bring out an air of confidence in a woman. I had always wanted to try it but never had someone to try it with till recently when my friend bought a groupon and we decided why the hell not. Let me tell you it does make you feel slightly empowered the confident that radiates from you is actually kind of insane but I think that’s just what performing in general does for someone. It’s how I felt as a dancer, always confident, always ready to put on a show and it felt good and so fun to tap into that again.

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Also my arms are definitely in a burning pain from holding myself up on a pole yesterday. Like nothing that I have ever done at a gym with weights has ever made me feel this way in my arms or back muscles.

The amount of strength that it takes is actually crazy when you finally get to try it and see that this is some legit shit, I no longer consider stripping to be an easy cop out profession. That shit takes serious work. I mean way more serious work than any job I’ve ever had, and it’s way more physically challenging… this coming from someone who was an After Care Counselor for 5 year old’s for 4 years.

It was definitely worth the cost and the work out was definitely worth it. I could feel my body changing already, how awesome is that.

And I’m only one class in, I can’t wait for next week.

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