Ho Ho Ho The slay bells are ringing, well almost…kinda

It’s September and I can taste the Halloween air followed by pumpkin pie and Christmas joy.

Yes I am aware it is still a month away for Halloween time…

October 1st through about February or whenever the slight cold winter breeze that south Florida gives us is my favorite time of the year. I love dressing up for Halloween I am 22 year’s old and I will forever stand by that statement. It isn’t just for kids I don’t care what you say putting together my costume is my favorite thing to do.

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This followed by that holiday feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach when it hits November and you can smell the pumpkin in the air. Pumpkin is my favorite and yes I am aware super white girl status with that one but it’s true, pumpkin pie, pumpkin scones, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin latte. All of it makes me extremely happy and makes me feel so satisfied. I spend the whole month of November baking something with pumpkin in it.

Then black Friday & cyber Monday hit and I get some really good deals for really great Christmas gifts.

Christmas makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I am obsessed and from the moment I take my last bite of turkey I am singing jingle bells and watching every Christmas movie that hallmark has ever created.

Most of them I have seen already…

I can’t tell you why I am so obsessed with Christmas, but the obsession is extremely real. I decorate my room I walk around with a Christmas phone case, when I had my civic it used to have antlers and a red nose this time of year. There’s no way around it having a bad day in the month of December is almost impossible with me.

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Then to go to North Carolina and sit in snow for a week until New Years it just doesn’t get better.

I know last year I wrote about being single and how I dread the ultimate question that I will get asked on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and yes Valentine’s Day about my inactive love life. I still dread that question especially when there’s nothing on the horizon to tell them to shut them up. No well maybe there’s this guy but who knows or anything just to have them ooo and ahhh and leave you alone for the remainder of the holiday season. You all know me by now, I get annoyed or bored easily and most guys get cut off the minute they want to meet my mom or want me to hang out with their sister.

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To real, sorry bye.

But right now, maybe there’s this guy… I won’t say his name but I will tell you that he isn’t here and as great as I kind of think he is we haven’t hung out in person and he’s 5 hours away. Now before you start thinking he’s a creep off craigslist, he’s not. He went to middle school & high school with me but we didn’t talk much back then. I know what you’re thinking, you think I think that he’s great because he’s not here, so there’s a challenge in my way and I love to conquer those and that’s possible but I’m fairly confident that he would have passed the two week cap being home either way.

He’s a good guy, in the kind of way that most guys now aren’t. At least that’s what I’ve gotten from his impression so far, his impression has been three weeks of 24/7 communication. I could be way off, he could just be some asshole who’s looking for a good time when he comes home on leave. But I really don’t think so. I know good guys aren’t my specialty but he isn’t some sissy guy who makes me want to gag with his obsessiveness. He’s good but not a doormat.

I know you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, me too.

But we’ve been messaging and texting since July and so far he hasn’t annoyed me or bored me yet… I swear it’s still me typing here. Honestly, I’m extremely convinced there’s something I’m missing and maybe he’s just really good at dodging my asshole radar. At the same time I think maybe he’s exactly who he claims to be, a good guy. And maybe I wish he was home so we could see where this goes and maybe it would be terrible and turn into nothing, but I hate what if’s more than anything and this looks just like that.

What if he was here, would it work? Or would it not work? That’s what gets me, that uncertainty of not knowing where we would stand had we not been put in this situation or even where we stand in this situation because honestly it’s the weirdest situation I’ve ever been in and I have no idea what we are. So maybe I have something to throw at my family when they ask about my love life this year, maybe I don’t guess I have to wait and see.

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Okay not throwing my life away but I love Lorelei Gilmore, and he does have a motorcycle…

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