You’ve been Gilmored

So it’s almost November, I mean if you ignore September and October, but either way the Gilmore girls revival is literally right there. I could almost envision Lorelei’s witty banter and Rory’s smart well thought out commentary, and not just because I have watched every episode at least five times. Not to mention they signed Dean, Jess and Logan for the revival along with other amazing returning cast members. But how do you not complete lose your mind at the thought of all three of Rory’s gentlemen callers coming back for the final four words. Gilmore girls was my first real TV Show addiction, I was in 5th grade coming home to watch shows every day.

Now the questions begin, Who will Rory end up with? Who is getting married? Will Luke and Lorelei ever get it together?

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All fantastic questions that I do not know the answer’s too but I do know that all Gilmore girl fans around the globe are waiting for this moment. Waiting to see what happens when you put this fantastic cast back together again, in my opinion on of the most well put together group of characters television has ever seen. Of course with the help of writer and director Amy Sherman Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino and Netflix decision that the show must go on.

In fifth grade when I watched this show I was Rory, completely was convinced and thought that I must be the child in this scenario and tried to connect the most with her character, but it was never me and I couldn’t seem to relate much. Now, re-watching the show as an adult I understand why, it’s because I am Lorelei Gilmore one hundred percent. No I didn’t have a baby at sixteen or leave my parents’ house at seventeen but I relate with everything said to her, or about her, or by her. She is afraid of commitment and I constantly tell my best friend that the scene of Lorelei and Sookie outside old man Wickhams house is us. Her constantly questioning if I’m going to run and me denying it usually until right before I run. Her coffee addiction is me on a daily basis no doubt.

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She has a movie or television show reference for every aspect of her life, she is obsessively into junk food, she spends more time in the show being single and self-destructing her love life instead of putting it together. She took a while to get her degree from a local college but she put herself through school and did it. She’s a hard worker and a good person as well as having an over baring mother who will point out that she needs a haircut before she applause’s her success in life.

She is me, I am Lorelei Gilmore, I’m convinced.

ANYWAYSSSS, the show will be on netflix Friday, November 25, 2016 at 12:01 am. To all my friends leave me alone that night after that time… I’ll be binge watching.

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