Black, White, Hispanic, or Other

So this one might be a touchy subject but let’s talk about inner racial relationships. April 29th Old Navy released a tweet promoting their most recent sale.

The photo shows an inner racial family sporting the newest Old Navy line and to any normal person in 2016 this was just a promotion on twitter but for all the trolling racist of the world it was more. People lost it leaving nasty comments that I read and thought is it possible that our world in today’s time is this close minded?

Of course there were positive comments as well but I can’t seem to fathom what the issue was with this lovely photo. In today’s time it’s very normal for two people from different races or ethnicity’s to look past their physical differences and get to know one another for what truly matters.

But there are still so many cases where people don’t accept seeing it. You see a man and a women from two different backgrounds walking down the street and people stop and stare. My question is why?

Why is it such a big deal? You have no clue how happy that couple is and I promise you their happiness and their compatibility is not based on the color of their skin or the country they came from. Although it’s become slightly less taboo some people just can’t wrap their minds around it.

I’ll tell you about the first time I saw an inner racial couple. It was in Save The Last Dance. The main couple is a guy and a girl from two completely different backgrounds who come together because they both love dancing. They combine their worlds and I just remember thinking how great they were together as a couple.

Mind you I was seven and the movie is based off a couple in high school. But you see them struggle with their racial differences and there are plenty of people dealing with that today. It’s not like I grew up in a very liberal house hold, in fact my parents are both fairly traditional Latino parents but I myself have never in my life been one to judge you based on something like the color of your skin or where you come from.

It isn’t right, let me tell you why. Because that doesn’t define a person. That does not make them a good person or a bad one and it doesn’t make them better than you or lesser than you.

At this point you can’t even say it’s different and people don’t like different. Inner racial couples have been about for quite some time now and it’s mostly the older generations who struggle with it. Maybe they don’t understand what loving someone for who they are is truly about. Maybe we’re all just much more open minded than our parents but at the end of the day it’s here. It’s in front of our faces and people need to learn how to live with it and move on.

It sickens me that there are still such hateful people in this world. My message to inner racial couples, stay strong maybe people will grow up one day.

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