Whats your number?

At the age of 21 women hormones are everywhere. We feel all kinds of things both sexually and emotionally and we are constantly looking for the next best thing. We’re growing and learning and I think it is important that we do so.

Every woman likes different things in the bed room and it’s important to know what you like and how you like it because if you don’t know, how is your partner supposed to know? It’s a constant struggle with the judgment on women for their sexual choices.

Your body count is too high; your body count is too low.

There is no pleasing anyone, you’re either a whore or a prude and it is what it is. No one is just right, what is just right? What is the appropriate number of sexual partners for a 21 year old woman to have.


That’s the appropriate number. Whether she’s a virgin, has a body count of 4, or a body count of 14 it is none of your business and labeling her as a prude or a whore isn’t going to benefit anyone. Slut shaming is real and it isn’t okay. In our world we condone young men for doing things that we shame women for, why?

If I can work the same job as you, fight for our country, and make six figures please inform me why I cannot enjoy sex as much as you and why must I be judged for my enjoyment of sex, or in some cases lack thereof. We make a big deal out of something that frankly shouldn’t be our worry or anyone’s business.

It shouldn’t be a chastity belt or a stripper pole, we shouldn’t be forced to conform to this image society makes of us.

We are made out to be sexual creatures but then expected to not have sex. It’s a joke, societies opinion on women’s sex life is irrelevant, uncared for, and a joke.

My choice in sexual partners is my choice, my decision, and up to me to say yes or no. I shouldn’t be shamed or prosecuted for either answer.

You say no you’re a prude, you say yes and you’re a slut.


I say no I don’t want to sleep with you, I say yes then I do. Simple.

The labels that we throw at women in the sexual views of society are not okay, especially when we are high fiving young men for scoring with the hot girl.

Where’s her high five for scoring the hot guy? Hell yes girl own it. Girls can be just as emotionally unattached as men, trust me I do it well. I give relationships a two week cap because that’s when things start getting too serious and I don’t do the moody & needy lovey dovey. I don’t understand why that’s an issue.

Now I don’t have a body count of 14 but I wish our society was one where I could, and not be judged for it.

Where I get the high five for scoring the hot guy with abs and a v cut, instead of slut shamed for it. That’s a joke; ladies own your sexual love life. Be proud of your choices as long as they are your own and if someone asks your body count.

Tell them none of their damn business.

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