If only age was but a number

Recently one of my best friends has come into town for spring break and with spending all this time at her house I’ve been spending a lot of time with her family. Her sister’s best friend is 26 and yesterday I met her boyfriend who is 22. Now the age didn’t really get me and I didn’t think twice about it until I realized, I know this kid from high school, he graduated with me. Age seems to be such a factor for some people that something as small as four years is an issue.

So I thought about it.

Is there really an issue being a woman who is four years older than her man? I don’t necessarily think so, here’s why. In today’s world it is so hard to look up from your phone for longer than 5 minutes to notice anyone around you. So congratulations on the whole meeting someone that isn’t on the Kim K game. That right there is an accomplishment all on its own.  Realistically this isn’t a perfect world. The person who you match best with isn’t always going to be your age. Sometimes he will be older, sometimes he will be younger. There is no rule that says the guy must be a specific amount of years or months older than a woman and there is no rule that says he cannot be younger.

At the end of the day what you should be looking for is someone who you connect well with and work well with, someone who is caring and compassionate, who is intelligent and has goals. The fact that he or she is a year or two or three younger or older should be irrelevant.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying go rock cradles but I have friends whose parents are nine or ten years apart. One situation her dad is older by 10 years, the other, their mom is older by nine. That is a gap my friends. Not three, four years.

My friend’s dad was patrolling the streets as a newbie cop around her elementary school. He was a new cop; she was a new fifth grader. If that age difference works, I think 26 and 22 works just fine. I think that you should base the person you pick off of who they are, not how old they are. Society sets all these rules about gender, race, ethnicity, age screw those rules. Find someone who loves you and makes you happy.

The rest can go Brooke itself.

(One Tree Hill Reference. Sorry If you don’t get it)

After all Jay-Z and Beyoncé are 12 years apart.


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