Racial controversy at the Oscars

 Alright let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Because we all know there were no black nomaniees at the Oscars and we all know there are a lot of Americans who aren’t happy about it.

So of course like any good writer we’re gonna talk about it.

Chris Rock and Kevin Hart both addressed the situation on stage and I don’t really blame them. I think Kevin Hart did it very tastefully and personally I see exactly where they came from.

There were a lot of great Black actors and it’s difficult to believe not one was good enough to be nominated for the Oscars this year. Honestly it’s difficult for me to believe.

Mostly because I saw movies like Creed, and Straight Out of Compton. And I, a white, Cuban, 21 year old woman didn’t watch like 70% of the white movies nominated.

But okay.

I also thought a lot of the actors from Straight Out of Compton and Michael B. Jordan were phonominal and deserved recongnition for their talent on screen in these movies. Especially O’Shea Jackson Jr. who worked for quite some time just to play the role of his dad and then was a better Ice Cube than Ice Cube. But, again this is all an opinion.

I thought there were talented black actors who might of beaten out a few of those Oscar winners had they been given the option to. Now, let’s not make this all about race because those were all very talented white actors.

So the question is was this all based on talent, because there has been Black Oscar winners before so why start now playing the race game?

I guess it’s all really just opinion because you shouldn’t have to meet a race, ethnicity, or gender quota in something like the Oscars. It should be completely based on skill and talent.

This defiantly was a very interesting year for the Oscars and, I’m not so sure it’s in the best way… But, all publicity is good publicity I guess.

And Leonardo Dicaprio finally got his Oscar so we can all be happy about that together.

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