The rules of the decade

Why does everything have to have so many insane rules? Now in days you spend the day waiting by the phone for a guy who won’t call till Thursday because your date was Monday and he has to wait the three days so that he doesn’t seem to eager to call you and plan a second date. What is that? Who comes up with this stuff and why must we follow it.

You can’t text him because then he’s going to think you’re into him… or maybe he just holds a decent conversation and I’m bored? Society makes it so difficult to just hold a friendship or any kind of relationship for that matter because it is always turned into something that it isn’t. When a girl hits you up, it doesn’t mean she wants it. Maybe she’s bored, maybe she just wants to talk, and vise versa. Ladies I’m sorry but just because he texts you at night doesn’t mean he wants it.

We all twist every little thing someone does and we turn it into something that isn’t true, it’s insane. You want to call her, call her. You don’t, then don’t. It’s all very simple I don’t know why everyone freaks out over it all like it’s really that complicated.

Maybe this is a very straight forward way of thinking, maybe it’s that I have recently decided to stop wasting my time. Either way I know it’s better than this back and forth everyone is constantly doing. No one ever say’s what they think anymore and no one ever does whatever they feel like doing because it might be taken the wrong way by someone else.

It drives me absolutely insane that I cannot hangout with a guy without my entire family assuming that I’m dating him. I can go weeks without seeing or talking to him and they’re still asking about my “boyfriend”. I’m sorry last time I checked I was single. No having a friend of the opposite sex does not make him anything other than, yes a friend.

It also drives me crazy when people assume.

Do not assume I like you. Do not assume I hate you. If you have not heard it from me don’t assume it. People spend their time putting words in people’s mouth that wasn’t said. It’s frustrating and most of all immature. If you think I don’t like you, ask me. I’ll tell you. But stop wasting both of our time by talking to everyone but me. Hi, hello… Yes me over here. The one you’re assuming things about yes, I could give you the answer.

Moral of the story step up. Say what needs to be said and stop allowing the rules that society has enforced upon us rule your life. It’s frustrating.

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