Ringing in the New Year

 Sweet champagne fills our glass and sixteen counted out grapes sit on the counter.  The time is quickly approaching as we all await the new year. New beginning’s, new adventure’s and best of all we can leave whatever we would like behind us. Out with the old and in with the new as they say. Forget the heart ache, mistakes or even lost opportunities that you had back in 2015 and take in the sweet fresh air of all that is new.

A whole new year for you to make new mistakes, not the same ones. Time to fall out of that same revolving door and fall onto an upward moving escalator. It’s exciting, waiting to see what new opportunities present themselves. 2016 I’m planning out to be the year of me. I know, that’s whatever one says. Then absolutely no one follows through with it and you’re left back in that revolving door from 2015.


Not this time, not this year. 2016 represents a new beginning and a fresh start. No matter what you interpret from that or do with it is up to you. Just don’t waste it. Don’t allow yourself to stay in one place never moving forward. Keep looking for new opportunities and new open doors, keep bettering yourself, and let no one stand in your way. Start tonight by celebrating the new year in a new way. Do something that you have never done before. It’ll be exhilarating and you’ll love it.

Now with still 13 hours to go in 2015 don’t leave issues unresolved. Own up to your mistakes and leave the troubles behind you. Move on and move past the things you dwelled on for so long and allow yourself to be better.

I will be spending New Years with my little sister, her boy friend, and some very good friends. Most likely at Pitbull’s Rocking New Years Eve Extravaganza in Bay front park. I must say I am excited for this new door and all the great things 2016 will have to offer.

2015 blessed me with a new job, a new advancement in my education, and new friends. It has brought me closer to old friend to whom I consider family and it has taught me that not everyone deserve’s all that you have to offer. With all the lessons and blessings 2015 brought me I know 2016 has more in store.

Now let’s see who I kiss at midnight. A friend, a perfect stranger, or a very large bottle of champagne. Follow the blogs twitter as I’ll be live tweeting all about tonight’s, indiscretions.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and a safe one.

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