Single for the Holidays, Again

The slay bells are jingling and and Saint Nick is checking his list twice and I am just not ready for it. The enlist amounts of family parties where they don’t hesitate to ask about my non-existent love life and I get to laugh it off like it isn’t the most absolutely annoying question in the world.


Looking back at them and smiling politely responding that I am, yes still, single. They then proceed to ask about every guy I have ever been involved with back up until I was 15, I am now 21… You can see how annoying that is. Growing up in a predominantly Cuban family relationships are common and even encouraged. But the fact that I am 21 and without a possible future husband lined up, that makes me a spinster. Especially since everyone even my fifteen year old cousin is in a relationship.

Single party of one.

Forcing me to drag my male friends along to family occasions so that I am not without a male counterpart. But I cant do that on Christmas eve or Christmas day when they have families to be with and technically are not required to attend my family social gatherings.

It’s not like I am opposed to a serious relationship, I just haven’t met a guy who suits me, as I’ve explained in previous post. Plus quality men are hard to come by, I’ve began to think they may even be a myth. A story told about men from generations long ago. Men who will be there for you and put you first while still allowing you to be the strong and independent woman you are. Now in days men have evolved and I must say it isn’t for the better. I’m not saying women are perfect, we have out faults. But at 21 men our age are still boys.

Once upon a time being a male at 21 meant you were putting a life together,working for a career, moving forward. Now it means you’re sitting on moms couch all day with a beer and a part time job you only work 25 hours a week and call that a life.

I’m sorry, No. Rewind, that is an invalid answer.

So I’m forced to spend the holidays single because basically there are no men my age. They are all stuck in some after high school period where the only thing that has change since high school is that you now can legal tap the keg. I’m sure grown men exist somewhere out there but especially here in South Florida, we’re falling behind.

And that’s the fifth time they’ve asked. I’m keeping count. Why is it so important is my question. Why does it matter if I am 21 with a full time job, full time college student and trying to enjoy life, why do I need a man to add into that right now? That’s money I’m saving on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, my non-existent boyfriends birthday.

I can save that money for a pair of Louboutin’s thank you very much. Yes, red bottoms do trump spoiling you.

I get wanting to have someone New Years kiss and all that jazz but just don’t get the pushiness. At this moment in my life I am just having fun, dating around, and enjoying my friends. If at some point a boy friend falls into that then fine. I just don’t get why most parents, especially the mothers, push it so much.

A male counterpart doesn’t make me anymore or less of a bad ass amazing woman.

I do that all on my own.

One thought on “Single for the Holidays, Again

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and agree with you. I think its a Spanish thing honestly and it goes both ways for women and men! You do you and with due time someone will come around! Also, I think it’s extremely attractive when a women is independent and able to do fend for herself! In my opinion that is how relationships stay strong and progress forward knowing that at the end of the day there is much more to share, be supportive and reflect on from both sides of the court given that the two are growing and developing their professional careers. Thanks for sharing, it’s a nice felling knowing that there are others that think this way. Look forward to reading more of your post.

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