How to get the girl

Yes one does simply ask a girl on a date. In today’s world men have grown accustomed to hiding behind a keyboard. Whether it’s a like on Instagram or a retweet on twitter dating has hit all kinds of roadblocks. Believe it or not there was a time when a man used to walk up to a girl in a coffee shop and ask her out.

Yes in person. I know, insane.

Who on earth could have the courage to walk up to a woman, in public, and take the risk of getting shot down? Not men in the 21st century that’s who. I swear this was normal once upon a time and ladies, yes they used to follow it up with an actual dinner and maybe a movie.

Whoever told men that changing this was okay, lied. Walk up to her and ask for her number. Then don’t wait the standard three days to call. I know I know, it’s scary but I promise if she gave you her real number she wants you to call her.

Women like adventure and romance you cant get that from a private Facebook message. Be proud to show her off but don’t think that making her your latest Women Crush Wednesday replaces flowers and affection. We aren’t all materialistic. We don’t need Fendi purse’s and red bottom heels. Okay maybe we do but, we don’t need you to buy them for us. We don’t require you to blow your hard earned money on all of the latest fashion trends and no believe it or not we won’t request for you to lay your jacket over a puddle for us to walk over.

But appreciation goes a long way. Make her feel safe and secure and most of all don’t make her feel like she’s competing with some other woman for your attention. Hold her hand, put your arms around her, kiss her cheek. Make this more passionate and intimate than Instagram and Tinder.

I know what you’re thinking. I have to ask her out in person and she’d probably be happy with $4 dollar coffee at Starbucks. Mind, Blown. Stop under estimating women because a lot of them just want your attention.

And a good sense of humor wouldn’t kill you, laugh every now and then. Most importantly make her laugh. Men think women are so complicated most of them don’t even know where to begin.

Well let me be the first to tell you, it’s not by messaging her through Facebook for a Skype date.


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