It’s the time for adventure, & a shit ton of mistakes

You’ve been 21 for 5 months and you’ve been doing hardly anything to enjoy your small new taste of freedom. You’re trying to fit all these experiences into your life so you can say you did more in your 20s then work and go to school and you’re doing all of this while actually working and going to school.

Everyone wants to be great, no one wants to be forgotten and average. But not many people reach greatness. Not everyone fights for it.

You spend life working hard so you can work harder in the future and you think to yourself is this really all that there is to adulthood.

The answer is no.

This is just all you’re making out of it. I’ve started slowly making my way through my bucket list and I’m not satisfied with the progress I’ve made. This is our prime. We’re young and we should be wild and free. Because there is no other time to do it.

Sleep with someone just because and jump out of a plane, travel in your friends 2006 Acura to every beautiful spot in the U.S. and take so many pictures your iPhone storage can’t handle it. Make your 20s great and not just because you got an education. Make mistakes and own them. Wear your challenges like a badge on your sleeve because guess what my friend you have lived.

I’m determined to make memories worth writing about, my life should be so great that it could be a movie. 21 isn’t just about the hustle, you gotta work hard and play hard. The way I see it is I want to be the kind of person who has lived a full life and enjoyed it. I don’t want to say I lived it for anyone but myself and I refuse to say I was one of those people who just followed everyone else’s basic life plan.

Sorry, no thanks.

School’s important and all; so is credit, a job, a car, steady place to live. All of these things are basic needs but what makes life extraordinary is risking it all for greater success, experience, and fun.

Making your life something worth talking about and doing things that most people don’t do. Go be just a girl in a bar, kiss the guy just because you wanted to, and don’t let anyone’s judgement stop you from doing the things that will make you happy.

Find your family in friends and go on some serious F.R.I.E.N.D.S  gang adventures. Find the Ross to your Racheal and your Joey, Chandler, Monica, and even your Phoebe.

Here’s your task, think of the craziest thing you thought you could never do…

Then do it.


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