Friend zoned: yup, happens to girls too

It’s a shame really when you fall for someone so close too you. Things become awkward even if it’s just in your head. You start to wish you never went down that rabbit hole and maybe just maybe you should have left this door closed… Maybe even locked.
It’s not some 13 going on 30 fairy tale every time. You don’t always fall for a friend like Matty who knew you were the girl of his dreams since middle school. Sometimes you fall for a guy who just sees you as his best friend. And it’s terrible, because he is one of your best friends. So how do you avoid seeing him when all your friends are friends with him.

Here’s the hint: you don’t.
You get stuck hearing about all these other girls who trump you. The ones who were “bad” enough to make it out of the friend zone. Congrats ladies. It’s a bad situation. To try and act like it doesn’t effect you because you’re trying to hold the friendship together but maybe you don’t even want to anymore. Maybe removing him from your life would make you breath a little easier and maybe it’ll make it suck a little less.
If he’s just not that into you taught me anything it’s that when a guy wants you he will make it known loud and clear he wants you. So don’t mistake his kind friendship for anything more or romantic. Don’t even mistake his words. He can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk then he doesn’t like you.
Just because he holds your hand during the scary parts doesn’t mean he’s begging for a committed relationship with you and all your emotional baggage. Wake up call right?

I know I experienced it too.
That oh shit moment when you realize, maybe he’s just being nice. Maybe he doesn’t really find you attractive or maybe you’re like the sister he’s always wanted.


Getting stuck in the friend zone is the worst place to be, when you don’t want to be there I mean. And it is terrible because you just genuinely want this person to be happy and you also genuinely think you can give them everything they want. If they only gave you the chance too right…

Some doors are better left sealed shut. I know this one defiantly was.

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