Why every girl should watch “He’s just not that into you” SPOILER ALERT 

Last night as I grabbed a box of Oreos and a glass of milk I decided to watch the movie he’s just not that into you. Now I’ve seen it before but it had been a while. Shortly after the movie started I began to realize all the accuracy in most of the statements made by one of the main characters named Alex.

Alex runs a bar and on a particularly busy night he meets a girl named Gigi. Gigi is a slightly intense version of absolutely every female out there. Including myself. She was at this bar trying to stage a casual run in with a guy named Connor who she went on a blind date with. Alex then advises her to move on, and then begins to be a friend and a mentor to Gigi. She comes to him with all her male issues and he helps her look slightly less stupid to the opposite sex.

Goals right?
Having a guy who will help guide you through all the things that simply make no sense to us girls. Gigi being the typical girl starts to fall for Alex. Because well, he’s nice. And let’s be real we’ve all fallen for one of our best guy friends at some point in our life.

It’s appealing. You already share such a comfortable bond with this person and you already trust them whole heartedly. So wouldn’t it be great if you also could put your romantic life in that mix with that person.

Alex then advises Gigi that he isn’t interested. He tells her that if a guy wanted something with her he would make it known. And Alex, had not made it known. But once Gigi takes herself out of his life the emptiness takes over and Alex realizes his love for her.

Typical Rom Com ending.
But aside from the ending Alex does give some really great advice throughout this movie. Advice that us girls never really open our eyes too. We read into all the little things that mean close to nothing for the guys because we want something to be there when in reality it’s not.
Opening your eyes can be an enriching experience you’ll realize what you deserve and realize that there are amazing guys out there who will give it to you. Maybe you’ll stop hoping for that one guy to realize you’re standing right in front of him and maybe just maybe you’ll go out and meet someone new.

And just because your best guy friend doesn’t fall in love with you doesn’t mean you can’t have your own version of some amazing fairy tale.
Personally, I’d rather my best guy friend not fall in love with me anyway…. That’s like my brother.

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