Wedding and a Mai Tai… Or four.

So I spent the weekend in Disney’s Vero Beach resort here in Florida with my dad’s side of the family for my cousin Becky’s wedding. Let me tell you something, weddings… Insanely stressful.

 From the minute I got there we were running back and forth from the hall fixing minor decorations putting on final touches, every little detail counts. The wedding was based off Disney fairy tales and a fairy tale it truly was.

With a few drinks every now and then to hold us over.

As the hours closed in to the wedding and we were down to two hours before the big I Do the beautiful ivory white, flowered wedding cake melted. Yes, I said melted.

All of the left side of icing melted right off the cake and with my cousin already rushing to finish getting ready we decided, let’s not tell her. After 30 minutes of starring at a half iced cake her friend got the brilliant idea to cover half of it with the real left over flowers we had hiding in the back room.

It came out beautiful. Even with a few mishaps here and there. Well, still have two more family weddings to push through.

 Boy I can’t wait to plan my wedding.

December, sounds good to me.

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