Vampire Diaries: the Salvatore brothers are back

Damon and Stephen came back in this next season last night to continue on this magical journey without the one who brought us all here together.

Elena Gilbert.

Elena is in a magical coma that ties her life to her best friend and the powerful witch that is Bonnie Bennett. Until Bonnie passes Elena will remain in this coma and out of the hit show.

The two besties will never be in CW vampire world together again.

I know, I’m crying too. ITS JUST SO SAD!!

Rumor has it Nina Dobrev wanted out of the hit tv show to get away from ex off screen boyfriend Ian Somerholder. Who is now married to a very different vampire Nikki Reed. Aka the twilight star who played Rosalie Cullen.

 Guess he’s got a thing for vampires?

Anyway vampire diaries just isn’t the same without Elena Gilbert. I don’t know if the show can take a hit like losing their main star.


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