Why my best friends house is our own version of Monica Geller’s Apartment (Friends Fans Only)

We all know the legendary apartment that is Monica and Rachel’s apartment up until season 6 episode 6 when Rachel packs her bags and leaves to live with Phoebe so Monica can “Live with a boy”.

 Well I have a friend who I am convinced her house is our “Monica’s apartment.”

Besides the fact that we all have keys to the house, we are also there everyday. Napping on the comfort of her couch or eating the sour cream and onion chips in the cabinet.

I’m convinced one day all us girls will end up on the couch drinking a beer in wedding dresses, you know the usual.

And I’m also convinced Rachel Green is my spirit animal. (I actually want to name my daughter Emma-totally not because of friends.)

 All I’m missing is the beautiful view that is New York City. (And my own Ross Geller wouldn’t be so terrible either.)

Uhhhh maybe not Ross.

As long as there is lasagna in the fridge we will keep coming back for more.

(P.S. She never has lasagna in the fridge.)

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